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ALSO:  INSIDE the members area,  if you are an independent journalist, or you have quality videos teaching how to do things that empower People, WE WANT YOUR CONTENT.  Joining below gives you access to our platform to add your content to our TV channel.

Registration is free, but we need your help with donations!  Here is what we can do with your help!

Our next plans are to add this to Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.  We are LIVE right now on Roku!  

Then we are going to build our own TV platform similar to these 3 streaming platforms with our own receiver so that we can never be banned, blocked or censored!

We also have created an affiliate program, and when you join from entering your email below, you will have access to our affiliate program that pays 50% of the donations this page collects back to the freedom groups, and individuals just like you promoting our TV channel.  We have incentivized the whole movement to promote this TV channel and get paid to do it.   We know with the rising costs of inflation, that paying it forward to individuals or organizations unites us like never before!

Our affiliate program helps freedom fighting organizations with their funding raising efforts, and regular freedom fighting Canadians earn money to combat the rising costs of inflation.  Full details of the affiliate program will be available to all donators once we have the launch date established.

So....... 50% of donations go back to Canadian groups, or individuals helping us spread the word.  The other proceeds will be used to build more apps, advertise, hire, and grow Awake Freedom TV into a freedom fighting organization that will use all of its resources to save democracy and free speech in Canada.  We will also put this TV channel on all the other streaming media platforms.  

You can join for free below, by choosing Pay your own Price, but remember, by donating today you are helping another Canadian, or freedom fighting organization that referred you here.

You are also helping us protect the entire freedom movement from censorship, banning, or blocking on social media sites.

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